Consistent with its original Greek meaning, a deacon is called to serve. More specifically, deacons are called to assist the pastors in proclaiming the gospel; to provide care for the pastors, church members, and the community; to build and maintain church fellowship; and to provide Christian leadership to help the church achieve its spiritual mission. Further, they are to avail themselves as servant leaders to the members of our church, and to model Christian living
by loving one another as Christ loves us.

Deacon Family Ministry

A primary means of deacon service is through our family ministry plan. Each member of our Cross Roads church family is assigned a deacon who is responsible to minister to his or her spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. Church members are encouraged to call on their deacon when he can be of assistance. 

David Brooks
Larry Ankerich
Steven Martin
Jacob Moorhead
Eric Williford
Billy Green
Ben Weir
Greg Sanders
Caleb Wallace
Mark Cordell
Bruce Jones
Lanny Thornton


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